A Brief Journey In Time  
      Sailedra Dwivedi  
  Date of Birth : 24.04.1964 (Official 24/06/1964)  
  Place of Birth Puri:  
By that time my uncle Prof (Dr.) Jugal Kishore Dwivedi was a Lecturer of History in S. C. S College, Puri.An eminent teacher, he had taught for many years in Ravenshaw College,M.P'C.College,served as Principal BJB College and Professor and HoD, History, G.M.College. He passed away in the year 2010 of cardiac failure
  Father : Nikunja Kishore Dwivedi  
Bapa is no more. He had a golden heart. A rare man who was always true to his words. Bapa had provided me enough freedom and gave away the optimum at his disposal. He passed away of a massive cardiac failure in December 2005 when he was with me.
  Family :
I am blessed to have my mother who in late childhood had started inspiring the 'writer' in me. She has composed a lot of lyrics, mostly devotional. Her way of telling a story is unique as she often relates to the myths /history, interspersed with a generous dose of ground reality. Earlier, I was into the realm of fiction. I think the style is still discernible in my writing. I am gradually returning to fiction.
      Milly is a wonderful housewife. She is very supportive.  
My son is prosecuting his studies(B-Tech) at N.I.T., Rourkela and the little one (daughter) is in Class-VII
  Permanent Address :  
At & Po: Talakusuma
P.S: Patkura
Dist: Kendrapara ,ORISSA,INDIA
PIN: 754134
Cry the Beloved Country :
Though born in a town I had my grounding in a typical rural setup. Our village, located on the banks of picturesque Chitrotpala had its own magic on me. Educational and professional compulsions have of course kept me largely alienated from the village, but I take pride in my roots. I prize the relationships which were solidly built on my village soil. I think a rural upbringing for any writer is richer than that of his urban counterpart though both experience a myriad set of situations which shape the destiny of one's writing. It is a different matter, most of the villages in Orissa today have lost their souls and set to pillion-ride the urbanization.The result, I feel has been a kind of collage-cities.They are neither full-grown (maintained with facilities for which the urban centres are known for) nor stand as mere shanties. They have been a curious mix of spaces,values, cultures and complexities. As of villages, they have been deserted villages.
  Present Address :  
      Plot No.17, ARYAVARTA
Road No : 12, Jaggnath Nagar
P.o.- Rasulgarh. Bhubaneswar- 751010 Orissa, India.
Cell- 9338610160
Ph. No- +91 0674- 2371330
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